No worries mate, gotcha covered. I’ve been working with people like you for over 20 years. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a backyard ultimate player or a sensitive yogi, I’d love to help you get your body back.

If you want to ditch the pain and create real, lasting change in your body my 10-week program is perfect for you. Using the powerful tool of Structural Integration you’ll return to your optimum physical state so you can feel great again and keep living the active life you love.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of
my ACTIVE Painfree clients are saying.

Playing soccer, hiking, skiing, hunting, and constantly participating in various outdoor sports and activities, aging all the while, my body needs regular tune-ups and maintenance, just like an old car.  Sonia Sommer is a master mechanic. John Campbell

Owner, Idaho Tower

Sonia is a gifted healer. Working to relieve my pain through posture alignment for the past six years I’ve found structural integration to be the missing link in my recovery. Sonia’s intuitive bodywork has allowed me to push past plateaus that had kept me stuck for years. She is a master of the body and its interconnected nature from the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Jessica Kisiel

Sports Alignment Coach, The Pain Free Athlete

I had been struggling with lower back pain for nearly 4 years when I went to see Sonia.  I had sought help from physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors. I was burned out and nothing was really working…or working and “staying”. I was extremely frustrated and cynical!  My back improved greatly after just a few sessions with Sonia.  She helped me become aware of the mechanics of my body and how my upper and lower body weren’t working together.  She gave me “homework” and I feel that I have greatly improved!  I would say I can now see that I will once again be “whole” and active.  I am grateful and excited about being in my “new” body! Tona Leiseth

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

I participated in Sonia’s 10 week ‘overhaul’ as I call it, and it was better than advertised. Never having done any bodywork other than massage, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it exceeded my hopes. I started training for a half marathon (my first) and had previously had back and knee pain consistently on my runs, so I was concerned about what increasing mileage would do to my body. Sonia’s approach was thorough, professional and intuitive. From feet to head, she’s done her thing and I not only finished my 13 miles injury free, but my posture and body awareness in daily life has changed for the long term. If you’re thinking about it, it’s worth it! Rob Reeves

CEO / Founder, Redfish Technology

Sonia has done amazing work for my husband, teenage daughter and me over the last few years. It’s hard to describe, but back problems and various joint issues have virtually disappeared after Sonia’s treatment. My natural balance and posture has returned and I have a lot more energy and sense of overall wellness. I highly recommend Sonia for bodywork that really works. I wish I could continue going, but Sonia says I’ve graduated and my body can take it from here on out! Kathy Riedinger

Sonia’s work is completely transformational! After my first series with her I experienced more balance both in my physical body and my emotional state of being. I feel calmer more consistently and have much more energy. The head aches i used to experiences have gone almost completely. A huge thanks to Sonia for her incredible work. I am not the same person I was when I first started and I can’t wait to see how i feel after my next series! Alysha Oclassen

Dancer and owner, Pure Body Pilates

How It Works

WEEKS 1 – 3:

  • Identify the root causes of your issue. Together we analyse structure, history and movement patterns in great detail to see where you are compromised.
  • I use deep hands on work together with your movement to open the outer layers of restriction in your connective tissue.
  • We identify distorted breathing patterns and begin to open your breathing capacity for maximum performance and vitality.

WEEKS 4 – 7

  • We uncover imbalances in your deep core which are preventing you from feeling good and moving efficiently.
  • You will create a relationship between inner and outer structure so that you can use efficiency of movement instead of overuse of external muscles.
  • Imbalances in the head, neck and shoulders are carefully eased to relieve headaches, neck and shoulder pain and other issues stemming from imbalanced upper structures.

WEEKS 8 – 10

  • Embody good posture easily and effortlessly.
  • Find your ideal line in gravity so that you can feel supported by its force at all times.
  • Integrate all parts of your body to move in a seamless effortless way.
  • Leave with profound self awareness and practical at home practices to maintain your wellbeing into the future
I will contact you immediately to schedule your program so we can get started as soon as possible. I can’t wait to work with you and make your painfree, active lifestyle a reality.


ACTIVE Results
Working with Sonia has been like drinking from the fountain of youth.  She has changed my life.  After years of chronic back pain and trying endless therapies, I signed-up for the full series of Structural Integration and have been amazed.  My body is pain free and feels strong and limber. My mind is clear. Her unique approach to healing is something I never expected, but will be eternally grateful for. It’s wonderful to finally find a practice that actually works! Mark George

Owner, Accord Capital

I skied raced pretty hard when I was a kid trying for the US Ski Team.  I didn’t quite make it but I did manage to beat myself up pretty well, and it really caught up to me later in life.  After several surgeries I ended up with a knee that needs to be replaced and a couple of disks missing in my back.  Several  doctors said I had only a few years before  I would have serious problems.

I was referred to Sonia while trying to figure out my situation.  Without any fan fair she set out to rearrange my body.  Just fixing all the muscles in my body made me work better.  My knee was missing the outside piece of cartilage so it made it bend to the outside.  One session she was able to straighten out my leg by an inch or more.  I remember getting up from the table and looking at my leg, it was totally amazing.  She also worked on my posture and gave me some tips that I think about almost every day.

But the best thing is that she showed me there was so much more I could do with my body.  It gave me the confidence to keep working at it.  I have been able to so much more, including skiing more.  It was the best money I have ever spent on my health, and I am so grateful to Sonia.

Jeffrey Mann

Artisan Woodworker