I found the Visioning Workshop to be far more enlightening than I had envisioned before walking in the door. I arrived with expectations to learn some general concepts of ancient shamanism and how these concepts are used around the world in today’s busy and stressful world. I had thought I would learn how these concepts can be used for healing, planning, and empowerment.

I left saturated with empowering meta-rational concepts and effective healing modalities, including the ability to fine-tune my intuitive skills, the ability to “look into” things, myself, other people, animals, trees, and all objects – natural or not. I walked out with a strong confidence of “connection.”

I wholly enjoyed the teachings and teaching methods of you (Sonia) and Linda.

You are both very empathic with each student/visioner. You are expert explainers.

You are experts with using metaphors, which is a skill that makes shamanism much easier to grasp.

You are fun to be around.

You are awesome. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What a great and intensive weekend plus. I am still buzzing from those days!

Curt Mays

Founder, East Fork Healing Alternatives

The workshop with you and Linda was incredible, the two of you work in harmony together.  i have already had results from things I wanted to let go of and things I wanted  to manifest.  I just love the different tools that you both taught about,  that I can use to help me to stay positive and feeling empowered on this crazy journey.  Attending your workshops is a gift I give myself.

Elizabeth Yuengling

Retired Suffolk County Police Captain

What an incredible weekend that was! I am still buzzing from it all!

I signed up for this course immediately because I knew that I had to be there!

I really enjoy how easily you and Linda dance between the sacred and the every day ordinary. It makes all of the tools (and results of using those tools) you give us easily attainable and at the same time, extraordinary and transformative.

For me the most profound experience in working with all of these tools, was the realization that I have all of this within me already, that the power to really be in my life, to see it and to lead it has been bubbling under the surface all along. Even though I knew that, I still didn’t quite believe it. Exploring all the tools you gave us this weekend, I was able to play with the intuitive knowing within me in a way I never really had and holy moly, was it empowering!

Oh my gosh, you two are amazing human beings.

Linda- is so deeply tuned in and at the same time, super relatable and down to earth. That combination makes her a powerful healer and an inspiring teacher. I am excited for the next time I get to sit and learn her light!

Sonia- You have literally changed my life. You introduced me to the world of spirit that I’d sensed was there, but couldn’t really see. You brought it to life for me and in the process, uncovered parts of me that I just couldn’t see. You’ve helped me work through major obstacles, both physically and mentally that I didn’t even know were blocking me from moving forward into my life. I will be forever grateful that I walked into your office and was graced by your healing, deeply intuitive badassery.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gift with me and with this community and for putting together these workshops, which are incredible sacred learning experiences! I can’t wait to work with you more this coming year!

Thank you again Sonia…like I said, I feel so lucky to have come across you + your work + am thrilled with the possibility of continuing to learn from you!

Eliza Tobin

Artist and Thought Leader, Eliza Lynn Tobin

Working with Sonia and Linda together was a powerful upgrade to my personal and professional work. Strengthening my skills through experiential exercise in communion with the group dynamic opened up new avenues of seeing for me. It was beautiful to sync the frequencies of the weekend into my own being giving rise to my level of walking in the world.

Marybeth Mazzone

Healing Energy Practitioner, The Western Shaman

AWESOME!!!   And this is a word I save for describing incredible, awe-inspiring, “Universe and God” kinda things!

I had no second thoughts about my attendance- It was Time for me.   Having the opportunity to Journey with another person, and within a group- was terrifically exciting!!!    I felt a true camaraderie learning from Linda and Sonia ( such an ease with sharing their knowledge) – and then, sharing with all my new seeking friends.. I feel the experience for me, was a collaboration of Spirit and Spirit- inspired people.  Gosh, I am still processing!   I cannot wait to be connected to our other workshop “mates” in community fires, group Journeying, and just being able to share with peeps who know I am peculiar- but like it

I truly feel like I have received many “gifts”  in attending your workshop, and that Spirit will have me open them, in Time.

Grace Daniher

It was incredible having the chance to spend the weekend with you and Linda– You two have amazing wisdom and energy. the chance to LEARN about these ancient methods was good.

Things I loved– Bands of Power, learning about Manifestation Practice and Tracking, and how to set Intention for self and others

-What I felt afterwards, Gratitude for the chance to spend time with so many amazing people, all different, but with a common quest for knowledge and openness.

It was great to listen, learn and connect with things that are different than my daily life.

Nancy Gervais


First of all I have to say coming to the workshop was a life altering experience for me. It helped me understand more about my life’s journey in a different context rather than thinking I’m weird! What a difference it will make moving forward knowing more about how right this is for me! I can’t thank you enough- both you and Linda are incredible guides and the amazing heartfelt wisdom you both shared will be with me forever. I am reveling in the newfound awareness of stillness- seeing the world with ‘New’ eyes! I enjoyed the whole experience, meeting everyone and soaking up all the different kinds of wisdom- the ‘meeting of like minds’ Wow! I feel very humble and grateful!

Teri Beck

Shelter Manager/Outreach Leader, The Advocates

I feel like I gained tools to be able to get quiet and listen to my intuition.  The immersion of the class gave me much needed time  to process and heal issues in my life.  I feel like I can now move past them.  I feel grounded and centered in a way I have not and have left the class with a commitment to foster this part of me.  Taking the class made me realize that I cannot afford to not do this work, thus I need to find the time to practice listening to my intuition, which will then save time!  I feel more confident that these tools and way of seeing are there always,  and I can do the part of accessing it now.  Linda and Sonia are amazing teachers.  They give you the tools, practice, and confidence to do this on your own.

Carolan McEvoy

Teacher, Pioneer Montessori School

This workshop was amazing in so many ways.   I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but one of the most fantastically unexpected parts of it was all the amazing people that I met and the connections I made.  It felt a bit like going off to camp as a kid when you’d come home and tell your parents about your awesome super cool “camp” friends.  Only my new “camp” friends are here in the valley and I can see them all the time now.  I definitely made connections that will impact me positively for a long time to come.

Coming out of the weekend was a bit like coming back down to earth and finding that things had shifted in a pleasant and positive way while you were elsewhere.  During our fire ceremony I had asked for ease and abundance for a family member in their career.  They told me the following Monday about several things at work that had happened unexpectedly (financially and additional help being offered to them.)  I’m going to call that a fire ceremony “win”.

I found that for myself the question I came to ask at the workshop was not the question that I needed to focus on and something else kept popping up in the most positive way.  I’ve now got a new direction and set of “marching orders”  for my life and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Working with Linda and Sonia was engaging and fun.  They made all of this work very accessible and enjoyable for all of us.  Watching them work directly with workshop participants and help people answer their own questions and participate in their own healing was so powerful.   I can’t wait to see what they cook up for next year’s class!

Becquel Smith

Mother and Earthkeeper

It is very hard to capture in words the shifts and widening horizon that have come out of Linda and Sonia’s workshops.  I have attended two of them now, a year a part, and two weeks after the last I still feel a reworking in progress, though some of it I believe is happening below my conscious level.  That is it to some degree that in spiritual growth we sometimes get in the way of ourselves, and beings like Sonia and Linda help to shift patterns that have become barriers to us on our own.  But, the workshops besides widening our views, give us tools with which we can work with our own lives.  For those who wish to find out who they are in a wider sense, I highly recommend the workshops.

Michael Broce

The spaciousness of the setting; the wide range of practices we learned (esp. the I Ching, which I had never dropped into, different way to use cards & stones); the comfortable, welcoming feel created by you and

After the workshop overall feel more conscious of my breathing; cleared out some old, stagnant energy & items from my home; vivid dreaming

– What was your experience like working with Linda ? and myself ? All good 🙂

Barbara Moritsch

Ecologist and Author of The Soul of Yosemite: Finding, Defending, and Saving the Valley's Sacred Wild Nature (2012)

I enjoyed seeing how you both have integrated the “shamanic” language to a more inclusive frame.  Just beautiful.  Many of the processes I have learned in a different format.  This gives me yet more ways to use my skills.

Sonia I found your teaching style inclusive and calming.  I also enjoyed your humor, intellect & mastery of skills.

As for impact in my life, my husband is in the process of retirement.  Today we came back from an all day retirement presentation.  Perfect time for us to work the manifestation processes.

Thank you for the perfect training!

Cynthia Fuelling

When I heard about the “Visioning the Life you Desire” workshop I knew I had to attend.  All the signs were pointing me in this direction and it was destiny that my girlfriend saw an ad for the workshop and sent me the link.  One of the things I most enjoyed and appreciated was that the information was helpful for a beginner such as myself as well as the experienced.  The broad offering of tools and exercises made it easy for us to pick which ones we could relate to and which worked for us.  I feel a bit lighter now and have the confidence, tools and power to change my life.  Sonia and Linda were a joy to work with and the balance of the two worked really well for this type of workshop.  I hope to attend future workshops.

Carol B


I had been contemplating attending this workshop for a while but found numerous reasons not to, i.e. travel expenses, time off from work, and the usual deal breaker, fear. Just a week and a half before the workshop my soul wouldn’t allow me NOT to attend. I was very nervous walking into the house but was greeted with such warmth I quickly felt comfortable. I am beyond thrilled to have been a part of this workshop, it far exceeded any hopes and expectations I may have had! Linda and Sonia were an amazing team, they truly held us in a loving, sacred space for the entire workshop, and they brought a fabulous group of spirit-minded people together! I look forward to staying connected to our group and attending future workshops.

Lee Ann Lofaro

Thank you so much for the most amazing experience.  I really am excited to learn more!

Susie Quesnel