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  • Exhausted all the time
  • Struggling with chronic aches, pains and stiffness
  • Easily stressed out
  • Experiencing rollercoaster emotions like depression and anxiety
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Searching for your spark and direction in life

If you answered yes to any or all of these, keep reading. This easy 21-day program will give you the step by step instructions you need to wake up feeling awesome again.

Body pain, fatigue and rollercoaster emotions are all a sign that you’re out of balance and need to get back on track.

For Real!

Instead of lunging at the coffee pot completely overwhelmed with your day….imagine feeling so good that you literally spring out of bed every morning saying woo hoo, bring it on.

You can feel THAT good!

In fact, it’s how you’re supposed to feel, all the time.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult or scary – it may be simpler than you realize.

If you’re ready to take back control of your own wellbeing and start living a life you absolutely frickin’ love, then grab this program and let’s do this.

Are you ready to Feel Awesome Again?

All of this for Only $147 $47!
{ That's less than a session with your therapist! }

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Here are just a few of the easy life tweaks you’ll learn:

  • Daily health and beauty rituals
  • Body stretching and purification techniques
  • Easy meditation practices
  • Tips for getting a good night’s sleep
  • Finding your passion and purpose

This is my personal practice. The stuff that completely changed my life and makes people constantly ask me “You look so vibrant and happy, what did you do?”

You see, a few years ago I was struggling. My life looked pretty good from the outside but inside was a completely different story. Despite being in the healthcare profession, I was swinging between anxiety and depression and my body was deeply fatigued to the point that some days I couldn’t get off the couch. I felt trapped in a bad post-divorce relationship and despite doing numerous therapies I just couldn’t break free.

That’s when I discovered the secret to integrating simple methods for body, mind and soul care and emerged a different person. These days I’m successful and thriving in all areas of my life - health, work and relationships. I have heaps of energy and feel deeply content and happy with who I am and what I’m doing in the world. You can FEEL AWESOME AGAIN too!

Here's a preview of the first module of this incredible journey:

  • Day 1

    Get your energy back using the simplest tool you already have.

  • Day 2

    Your ultimate cleansing ritual for a healthy body and beautiful skin.

  • Day 3

    Ditch fad diets forever by knowing exactly what to eat at any time.

  • Day 4

    Understand the key to a pain free body. And have fun doing it.

  • Day 5

    Hack your body's blueprint to upgrade for health and vitality.

  • Day 6

    Finally get a good night's sleep. Every night.

  • Day 7

    Make your new life a real by getting it on your schedule.

You'll also receive these Awesome Bonuses:

  • Bonus

    #1 - The Daily Stretch

    My full body stretching routine to get you feeling limber and youthful in just 7 minutes a day

  • Bonus

    #2 - Shamanic Drumming track

    Alter your brainwave frequency to access this ancient method for power and healing

  • Bonus

    #3 - Sounds of the Soul by Amy Clifford

    Listen to the sound of your soul with renowned yoga teacher and enchanting vocalist Amy Clifford


is all about you taking back control of your body, mind and life using simple proven techniques.

Are you ready to Feel Awesome Again?

You’ll be given a clear program to follow and tools you can use for the rest of your life.

All of this for Only $147 $47!
{ That's less than a Lululemon Outfit! }

Buy Now $47

buy now and receive lifetime access + updates


Because I believe in this program and the results you could receive so much, I am offering you a 10-day Money Back Guarantee. If you begin Feel Awesome Again and don't start to feel awesome, simply ask for your money back. No Questions Asked.

The choice is yours. Got questions? You can email us at