How to Start Your Day Right

How do you start your day?

Do you wake up well rested and full of energy, take the time to sit quietly and set the tone for your day, then proceed slowly to do whatever needs to be done that day feeling calm and clear?

Ah, maybe not always.

Sounds ideal right, but sometimes we get off track and it doesn’t go quite like that. I certainly can get pulled into the immediate screen suck and dive straight into work or parenting before I’ve even had time to breathe out.

Know what I mean?

When that happens for me, my day tends to never quite catch up with itself, so I go off to re-calibrate with one of my favorite morning rituals.

I thought you might like to join me this morning so I channeled my inner James Cameron and created my first blog for you. It probably won’t be winning any Oscars but I had fun and can’t wait to start my morning with you today so click on the video above and let’s do this together.

If you want more energy and start your day right, go outside and stand barefoot on the ground in the first morning sunshine.

Have a great day xox,

Sonia Sommer

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