Salt Extraction

Energy Hygiene part 2

Salt rocks. Seriously.

It has so many applications for health I could write a book about it. For now, let’s stick to what it can do to cleanse your energy body. In part 1 of this series you learned about your chakras and how to clean them every day in the shower. This next method can be used 1 -2 times a week or any time you feel weighed down by heavy energies. Yes, with just a little practice you will easily begin to feel when this happens. It’s quite natural and everyone can learn to sense these more subtle aspects of themselves. Salt is a natural extractor – it pulls from your body. Here are a few ways to use itsalt extraction

Salt Baths

Put at least ½ cup of good sea salt into your bath tub. Add the water and swirl the salt around it in it to dissolve and activate. Light a candle and relax for 20 minutes. Drain the water and rinse off in the shower, turning to cold at the end if you can tolerate it. Your skin is your largest organ of elimination. Exposing your whole body to salt water will allow both physical and energetic toxins to be pulled out of your system. The addition of cold water at the end of your shower increases circulation in your physical body + seals your energy field, helping to protect you from accumulating more heavy energy throughout the day. Swimming in a pristine ocean, river or lake can have similar benefits for your energy body so go ahead and jump in any time you can.salt extraction

Salt Scrubs

 If you don’t have a tub you can do a weekly salt scrub. Either buy one or make your own. It’s easy. Just melt some coconut oil and mix in fine grain sea salt. You can use any other high quality oil you prefer. Method Before you turn the water on, stand in the shower and gently scrub your entire body with the sea salt mix. I usually start at my feet and work up from there. Go gently on sensitive areas. Then rinse off afterwards.

Your skin will be naturally exfoliated and moisturized. Your energy body will also be revitalized and you’ll step out with a healthy glow and spring in your step.

Salt extraction

Salt bowls

 A bowl of salt alone or salt in water can be used to clean energy in a room. In a home for example, you might use a salt bowl as a one off room cleanse for a week, after a heavy situation has taken place or in a new home you have moved into, to clear out the previous energy. Once you do it you’ll be able to feel the changes for yourself and understand the value of using this tool. Method Place a small bowl of good quality sea salt in the center of a room which feels “heavy” or needs cleaning. Many health practitioners keep a bowl of salt in their room to keep the energy clean between clients. Change the salt periodically, when it feels full. This could be once a week or once a day depending on how the room is used. Enjoy the vitality that comes from keeping your energy body and environment clean and vital. As always, I love to hear your experiences and answer any questions so leave a comment below.

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