An intimate 6-month Mastermind and 1:1 Mentorship to lead
you back into who you’re meant to be and the life your heart yearns for.

October 2017 – May 2018

G’day Gorgeous,

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re ready for something more for you and your life.

Since you were a little kid you’ve felt and experienced the world deeply.

At times you’ve struggled but always felt that pull inside towards growth.

And even though you feel pretty good and have reached a certain degree of happiness in your life…

Something’s missing.

A voice  inside you is calling you towards…

A bigger version of  YOU

A life that’s easier and more fun,

Where your work is an expression of your unique genius,

Your relationships are deeply loving and fullfilling,

And you feel totally aligned with your soul

But I understand why you’re not there yet…

Sometimes you wonder if you’re actually worthy. Who are you to dare to dream big ?

You doubt your own intuition and so you ignore it and stay small because well, let’s face it, that’s just easier. 

You worry that fully stepping into your power might be scary or overwhelming. Maybe you’ll have to get a divorce, quit your job or change your life too much.

Sometimes you’re afraid that if you live your truth, and are not perfect, people will judge or think you’re a fake. Actually, you are your harshest critic.

At times you feel like just taking your ball and going home. 

And you can’t because there’s that voice inside, nudging into growth.

But honestly you’re just not sure exactly HOW you’re going to get there. You’ve tried so many different things and none of them seem to work or last. 

You feel confused about what choices to make to be on the right track.


You feel like you’re on the verge of a break through,
but you’re not quite there yet.

What is the missing piece you’ve been searching for ?

You need to restore your soul power the same way other visionary women just like you have done. For the past decade, I’ve been helping people restore and express their unique soul power & create, extraordinary lives along the way.

I am moving into what I love to be doing,

I’ve been asking for almost 40 years why I am here and what I am meant to be doing. I didn’t realize until I worked with Sonia, that I was asking the wrong question.  Thank you so much for helping me figure that out. I am moving into what I love to be doing, instead of what I think I should be doing, which is based entirely around other people’s expectations of me.  And the moment that I started to walk my own path, the resistance that I had been fearing would be there, completely evaporated.

If you’re really ready for change it will come. Joyfully.

Sonia holds a really lovely and warm space for all of us to grow and change.  It occurred to me that really what she does for us is less like teaching and more like guiding.  Sort of like going to the optometrist when they give you different lenses to look through; “How bout now?  Is this better,…or worse?”  Maybe a bit like she can see for us what might be the best way for us to move forward, but instead of telling us where to go (classic teacher dynamic) she lets us feel our way to our own inner wisdom.  And the bonus ? I’m so happy to have found this beautiful tribe of people that I get to meet and work with.

Becquel Smith

Founder of Grateful Ground, Mum and loving wife.

What is SOUL POWER and why is YOURS missing?

For thousands of years, shamans have known that when traumas or life difficulties happen to us, we experience soul loss. It could be something big like an accident, death of a loved one, divorce or some kind of abuse. But it can also be as simple as having a parent yell at you. As a sensitive child, life itself can feel so overwhelming that you just don’t feel safe.

Part of your vital essence splits off and you can no longer access it. You become disconnected from yourself and your natural sources of power. Psychologists sometimes call it disassociation. Most people in our modern culture are suffering from this misunderstood problem.

Do you recognize in yourself any of these common symptoms ? :

    • Depression or anxiety
    • Fatigue and lack of energy
    • Addictions to food, alcohol, drama and other unhealthy habits
    • Lack of desire and passion
    • Dissatisfaction with your life and work
    • Chronic illness
    • Inability to make lasting change
    • Self doubt and negativity
    • A feeling of being empty inside

It’s time to get your Soul Power back!

Because your Soul has the energy you’ve been missing to lift you into the richer fuller life for which you were born.

You know it’s time because that sweet voice inside is telling you so.

And if you’re a modern Mum and career woman, you probably don’t always have the time and the space to listen to the voice of your soul. You take care of everyone else and give so much of yourself away. Then you have no energy or ability to listen to and implement your own inner wisdom.


So who is holding space for YOU?


Let me to introduce you to the Soul Power Circle. The powerful sanctuary, I created just for YOU. It’s your place to gently release everything that is not aligned with your original essence. Then together we call back your soul and you start to experience and express your phenomenal power.

We unlock the blueprint for your most extraordinary life.

And when we do, incredible shifts occur. You access the magic of your wild pure nature, identify and express your unique soul gift, and create the life you’ve always dreamt of.

I won’t lie, it’s profound work.

The reason you were born.

A remembering of the essence of your original self.


And it’s the most important thing you will ever do.


Because trying to live a life without your soul power in it, is not sustainable.

Because you were born with a higher destiny.

All you have to do is step into it now.

Life is short, don’t let yourself stay small because of  confusion and self doubt.

The choice is yours dear one.

…loved the work around embracing the true essence of ourselves + the drawing exercise around that.

I absolutely loved the work that we did one-on-one work as well as learning and sharing skills as a group.

I am a perfectionist by nature and have always been really hard on myself when I don’t live up to my own ridiculously high self standards. Through out the course of this experience, I learned to soften those expectations a little bit and instead, embrace who I actually am rather than striving to be someone I am not. I began doing more of the the things that light me up and less of what doesn’t.

I really loved having simple, yet profound “home work” and the sharing sessions around that. It allowed me to bring the work into my life and start to become more aware of the synchronicities and intuitive hits coming up in my every day life.  I also loved the work around embracing the true essence of ourselves + the drawing exercise around that.

It really helped me to re-engage with my intuition, which I was already experiencing but now I’m even more aware of it and it also helped validate what was coming through (by sharing with the group and engaging with it more directly in the exercises we did).

If you’re considering working with Sonia I would highly recommend you just go for it ! 

Eliza Lynn Tobin

Artist and Thought Leader , Eliza Lynn Tobin

If You’re ready to leap into your soul’s Destiny this year, fully supported in a high level sanctuary for growth


I invite you into the Soul Power Mastermind

Welcome to your Soul Power, sister.

Welcome To The Beautiful Woman YOU Were Always Meant To Be

This journey that we will take together is very powerful. You will experience real transformation on a deep level. I’m 100% present for you as a guide, Shaman & soul power facilitator to help you embody your unique gifts and create your extraordinary life.

This is a remembering of your unique magic.

A restoration of your creative power.

The family of loving support you’ve always wanted

This is a high level mentorship experience for which I am only accepting 10 women this year. It is an application only process.

How does it work ?


We work intimately 1:1 and in our supportive circle of 10 women for 6 months. This is the ideal way for me to best serve you and help you to walk elegantly through your process and truly be transformed.

I expect you to show up with 100% presence for your transformation as I will show up for yours.

( No matter where you live in the world, you can join the Soul Power Mastermind )

We begin our journey with a magical 4 day retreat in beautiful Sun Valley Idaho where you will :

    • Meet and bond with your circle of soul sisters
    • Do powerful ceremonies to shift and align your path for the coming year
    • Reconnect with your true source of power in nature
    • Receive ancient rites and practices to ignite your success
    • Clear blocks and begin the process of soul restoration
    • Enjoy time just for YOU in a luxury vacation environment with like minded women

Oh and we always have fun at my retreats, you can count on it



    • We meet up for 2 private sessions a month, by video if you’re from out of town or in person if you’re local
    • Once a month we have our group coaching lessons


    • I hold you on my sacred altar, working with spirit on your behalf
    • Our private Facebook group allows you to stay in touch, ask questions, support and feel supported by our gorgeous tribe
    • You get my personal cell number and email for occasional support in between.
    • You receive materials, tools and some other surprise gifts to guide you along the way
    • My own team of soul healers is accessible to us for any additional support we need

My work with Sonia has been amazing, thorough, life changing and life reclaiming!

It is impossible to articulate how much I loved the work with you and how healing it has been for me on a body/mind/spiritual level. THANK YOU!!!!!

I am a mother of three and while I find motherhood the greatest job on earth, it wreaks havoc on your body and life. My work with Sonia has been amazing, thorough, life changing and life reclaiming! I consider Sonia a true master and my work with her a real gift.

Nancy Fenn

Business Mother of three and business owner , White Otter Outdoor Adventures

Is Soul Power right for you ?

Listen inside and feel for a full body yes. This is a journey that your soul calls you to and should feel exciting and expansive. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel a little fear, that’s your rational brain thinking up reasons to stay in your comfort zone. But that’s not where the magic happens is it. Trust your intuition now, once and for all.

Perhaps you already know inside if you’re supposed to be one of the 10.


The Soul Power Circle is by-application-only.

If you Feel you are one of the 10, then apply now.


It’s important for us both to make sure we’re a good match for each other before we jump into this epic journey.

Here are some of the traits of women who thrive in this environment with me. If you’re anything like them, YOU :


    • Are already on a personal development journey and want a proven step-by-step process to take you to the next level.
    • Crave a community of like minded, fun and compassionate women to do this work with (and probably make deep friendships along the way).
    • Are a self motivated, heart centered woman who’s ready and open for transformation.
    • You love learning, trying new things and having fascinating experiences. You then love to take them and make them your own.
    • You’re looking for an experienced mentor that can help you trust and connect more deeply with your soul and the answers you have inside.
    • You know you’re here to share something with the world and need guidance on what it is and how to do it. To create your right livelihood and most pure expression of yourself, for the benefit of everyone.
    • You want to own it ! To feel confident, deeply happy and empowered in your life & work, doing what you love and living in your integrity.
    • You’re so ready to feel awesome again, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And you want your relationships to match that.
    • You want to learn your own unique spiritual way that is profoundly connected to your inner wisdom.

Sonia’s work helped bring balance into my life from a physical and spiritual place.

I have a hard time expressing how great the experience with Sonia has been…I felt that Sonia’s work helped bring balance into my life from a physical and spiritual place.

Sonia is gracious, understanding, intuitive and conscientious making every meeting an opportunity for healing and moving forward. I am very grateful for the experience and look forward to working with Sonia again.

Liza Weekes

Head of School , Pioneer Montessori

If that’s you, I invite you to apply, Sister.

Once you apply, we will review your application.

If you’re accepted, I’ll schedule a call with you so we can chat and make sure it’s a perfect fit for both of us. You are under no obligation to join if you apply. This is just an application.

Sonia is a gifted healer.


Sonia is a gifted healer. Her intuitive work has allowed me to push past plateaus that had kept me stuck for years. She is a master of the body and its interconnected nature from the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jessica Kisiel

Sports Alignment Coach, The Pain Free Athlete

Sonia Sommer

Sonia Sommer is a master healer who merges cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom to help people completely upgrade their life. She is a soul seer and studies directly with the Q’ero shamans of Peru.

Drawing from over 25 years of experience as a Structural Integration Practitioner, Mindfulness teacher and modern day Shaman, her clients include professional athletes, talented people you’ve seen in movies, tired moms and drained CEOs. After working with her, clients experience profound transformation while learning tools to live a deeply happy and passionate life.

Sonia has been a student of Hua Shan Taoist Chi Kung for the past decade and has worked at the Australian Institute of Sport with Olympic athletes to help them optimize performance. An active community member, she works with school aged children on a volunteer basis to teach them mindfulness through the Flourish Foundation. People love her down-to-earth Aussie style.