6 month VIP high level transformation

You deserve to feel fantastic and love your life.  Do you ?

Join the growing list of people who are asking for more for their life, with my one-of-a-kind 6 month intensive (aka some serious butt-kicking momentum for you). We’ll dive deep into your body, mind and soul to find out what’s keeping you stuck. And awaken your true potential!

I’ll be your personal change agent as we transform body pain, calm and strengthen your mind and discover your soul’s calling. You’ll get to borrow my shamanic vision, learn the right strategies, and have my 25 + years of hands on bodywork experience laser focused on you, so you can get unstuck and make massive progress in your life. If you’re ready to stop struggling and get yourself back on track, for real, you’re in the right place.

Upgrade Your Life is perfect for you if…

  • You have chronic pain, stiffness or injury in your body
  • You’re often tired no matter how much sleep you get
  • You sometimes feel depressed, anxious or get stressed out easily
  • You feel like you might be having an early or mid-life crisis
  • You’ve lost your direction and passion for your life
  • You know there’s greatness inside you but don’t know how to access it

“When your inner and outer worlds mesh perfectly,
you will find clarity, strength and your true power.”

are you ready to…

  • Get your mojo back. Big Time.
  • Wake up energized, pain free and live a healthy active lifestyle
  • Expand the vision for your life beyond what you think is possible
  • Feel calm and centered no matter what’s going on
  • Fully express your soul, your own unique gifts and passions
  • Break free of frustrating old habits and take your life to a whole new level

Heads up!

If you’re not ready to invest the time and energy into creating real lasting change, this experience is not for you at this time. But please keep leaning into health, learning and dreaming because I’m here for you when you’re further down the road and it feels right for you.

The Details: Upgrade Your Life

upgradelifeWe’ll start our work together with a 90-minute 1-on-1 intensive to find out where you’re stuck, begin our bodywork and vision your future with some big picture strategies. It’s time to make your dreams a reality !

Then we’ll continue to upgrade your life with our sessions to re-align your body, calm and strengthen your mind and restore your soul power. You’ll also receive simple tools to implement at home and build a fun easy practices you will have for the rest of your life.

I’ll be cheering you on in between sessions via phone and email to offer support, answer questions and crack a few Aussie jokes. We’ll keep it real and have heaps of fun. You’ll uncover the freedom and energy you felt as a kid so you can start living your best life. For real.

What’s included:

  • 2 x monthly one : one in person sessions with Sonia
  • The 10 session Structural Integration series to re-align your body
  • My shamanic skills tracking and lifting you into your highest destiny
  • Mind training and strengthening so you can calm the f down
  • Fun and easy tools for you to establish your at home practice
  • Custom resources, ceremonies and support to get you where you need to be

Ask for more for your life. You’re worth it.

I only work with a very small number of clients at a time so fill out the application here and then we’ll schedule a free consult to see if Upgrade your Life is a good fit for you.

Have questions about the program? Interested in coming to town from out of state ?

Click here to email me and schedule a complimentary consultation where I will answer any questions you have.


Sonia Sommer

When I called Sonia, my body was in so much discomfort from too many hours at the computer and all the normal challenges of a full life. I felt completely unable to move in any kind of natural way. After my sessions, all of that was gone. I felt balanced, grounded and for lack of a better word “flowy”. The physical relief provided incredible mental relief. A couple months later I have gotten into the habit of taking deep restorative breaths throughout the day that ground me, give me energy, and physically reset me. Working with Sonia is a gift.

Randi McEntee

Owner, RP Graphic Design Studio

I was a little bit hesitant initially about the cost + investment of the program…but it was worth every penny. I feel a lot more fluid + graceful in my body and in my movements. I also feel more connected and grounded more often than I used to. I get moments where I feel absolutely radiant.

I am able to tap into a powerful + steady source within me that allows me to become more of an observer of the emotions and waves in my mind, rather than have instant reactions to them.

With the help of your amazing intuition + guidance, I found access to a much deeper well of wisdom and connection to my inner spirit than I had before. My creativity is flowing and I find myself experiencing more joy in the everyday ordinary.

You were able to help me to move through blocks I was experiencing, both physically and energetically, and as a result I have experienced an incredible flow of insight in how to live my life more fully, more creatively and with a new perspective of who I actually am. Through this work, I’ve discovered that I am much bigger and have more power than I could have ever imagined.

I would absolutely recommend this program ! I want my husband to take it ! You have this amazing gift of being able to hold space for someone, to see what’s blocking them and how to get it to flow more effectively. You have an inspiring understanding of the spirit world, but at the same time, are grounded and down-to-earth in your approach. That balance, in my opinion, is a part of your magic and what makes working with you so much fun + at the same time, deeply powerful!

Just a huge THANK YOU to you…I so enjoyed our work together and have gained so much from it and feel so blessed and grateful that I came across your work!

Eliza Lynn Tobin

Artist and Thought Leader , Eliza Lynn Tobin

Sonia is a gifted healer. Working to relieve my pain through posture alignment for the past six years I’ve found structural integration to be the missing link in my recovery. Sonia’s intuitive bodywork has allowed me to push past plateaus that had kept me stuck for years. She is a master of the body and its interconnected nature from the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jessica Kisiel

Sports Alignment Coach, The Pain Free Athlete

It is impossible to articulate how much I loved the work with you and how healing it was for me on a body/mind/spiritual level. THANK YOU!!!!! I am a mother of three and while I find motherhood the greatest job on earth, it wreaks havoc on your body. When I went to see Sonia, my youngest child had just started school and I was ready to reclaim my body’s integrity, if that was even possible. My work with Sonia was amazing, thorough, life changing and life reclaiming! I consider Sonia a true master and my work with her a real gift.

Nancy Fenn

Mother of 3, owner, White Otter Outdoor Adventures

Working with Sonia has been like drinking from the fountain of youth.  She has changed my life.  After years of chronic back pain and trying endless therapies, I signed-up for the full series of Structural Integration and have been amazed.  My body is pain free and feels strong and limber. My mind is clear. Her unique approach to healing is something I never expected, but will be eternally grateful for. It’s wonderful to finally find a practice that actually works!

Mark George

Owner, Accord Capital

I had been struggling with ongoing back issues from a car accident for many years. After working with Sonia for just a few weeks I noticed how much better I felt – more integrated into my physical being than I had ever felt!  My back pain was drastically reduced.  After completing the entire series I have been far more in tune with my body than I believe I have ever known. I am a different person, able to engage my body in ways in a way that I honestly had not ever imagined.  Sonia’s a dream. She completely puts you at ease and I always felt that I could express myself wholeheartedly in our sessions. Her touch is truly gifted and the whole process was a revelatory experience. I believe working with Sonia has changed my life in ways I never imagined. I’m healthier, more present and able to embrace my life far more fully. With Sonia’s help I have unearthed the person I always wanted to discover.

Julie Harvey

Director, Harvey Art Projects USA

Sonia’s work is completely transformational! I feel calmer more consistently and have much more energy. The head aches I used to experiences have gone almost completely. A huge thanks to Sonia for her incredible work. I am not the same person I was when I first started.

Alysha Oclassen

Dancer and owner, Pure Body Pilates

I received so much empowerment from opening up to the shamanic methods. Becoming aware of my breath moved the energy blocks and increased my vitality. Tapping into my power animals uncovered the wisdom within myself. Receiving the bands of power and protection have kept me solid and centered in my self.

Elizabeth Yuengling

Retired Suffolk County Police Captain