3 Surprising Reasons to Have More Sex

I don’t mean to be controversial, but I have to say that I really miss a good sex conversation. Dad you might want to stop reading right now. Back in Australia where women consider it just another national sport, conversation about sex flows easily. We laugh, cry and compare notes freely. When I was in my early twenties, one of my girlfriends shared an apartment in Sydney with a drag queen. His hilarious anecdotes taught me more about sex than I ever could have hoped and thus began my career as an athlete in training.

Since moving to the States I’ve had more than my fair share of awkward moments when I’ve tried to strike up that conversation only to be looked at like I was some some kind of wanton hussy. Not one to give up easily, I’ve decided to persist and write about it here, in the safety zone of science based health benefits of which there are many. To be clear, I’m talking about healthy, loving sex with a safe partner. I hope that these juicy little tidbits inspire you to leap back in, or on as the case may be and enjoy the ultimate mind-body experience.

Really interesting science based fact # 1

Sex can elevate mood and reduce depression in women. In a study done By Dr Gordon Gallup at the State university of New York, it was found that women who had sex without a condom were quantifiably happier with less depressive symptoms or suicidal thoughts than women who had protected sex. Why? The theory is that vaginal tissue is very absorptive and semen contains a host of mood elevating chemicals like endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin. Semen also contains 60 percent of the USDA recommended daily dose of vitamin C so if you can safely have unprotected sex, ladies why not get your daily dose of vitamins this way?

Really interesting science based fact # 2

So many couples get disconnected and just stop having sex. If that’s you, cuddle. Start by hugging each other at least 3 times a day. Recent studies have shown that all it takes is a single hug to significantly increase oxytocin levels, the “love hormone” and leave you both feeling calmer and more connected. In addition men who are touched regularly release a hormone called vasopressin which tempers testosterone and helps him feel calm, relaxed and connected, which is why it’s informally known as the monogamy hormone. Dr Theresa Crenshaw, author of the alchemy of love and lust wrote ” testosterone wants to prowl; vasopressin wants to stay home.” Need I say more.

Really interesting Science based fact # 3

Sex is a great workout. No it won’t replace your mountain bike ride but according to Desmond Ebanks MD, founder of Alternity Healthcare in Connecticut “sex burns about 150 calories per half hour which is comparable to other physical activities like yoga, dancing and walking. You have over 600 muscles in your body and during sex, you’re releasing and contracting most of them. Arms, butt, legs, core muscles are all getting used. Different positions offer different toning payoffs than others as does your level of effort. “ As a bonus, sex may also help your muscles stay lean: sexual arousal and orgasm releases hormones which assist in building and maintaining bone and lean muscle mass. So embrace your inner athlete and start sexercising.

I know it can be hard to even think about having sex when you’re stressed out and tired, but as long as you incessantly make the effort, you’ll realize it’s always worth it. The health benefits alone will make you feel wonderful inside and out. You’ll be more connected to your partner and you’ll start to notice that the more sex you have the more spring you’ll have in your step.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments so if you’re feeling bold, join in the conversation in the comments section below.

Have a ball,


Sonia Sommer

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