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instantly access deep joy and passion.

Get this FREE guided journey to instantly access deep joy and passion.

YES! I want to find my passion again!

Let me introduce you to the missing piece you’ve been looking for…

G’day Mate

Are you sick of trying everything and still feeling a bit tired and uninspired ? You’ve mostly got it together but then something happens and you suddenly fall apart again. You find yourself angry eating cupcakes and wondering if the life you’re living is all it can be. There’s that feeling that you have so much more potential inside you but you just don’t know how to access it. No matter how frustrated you feel, I know you can break free and unlock your magnificence.

I’m Sonia Sommer, and I’m about to introduce you to the missing piece you’ve been looking for. For thousands of years shamans have known that when traumas and difficulties happen, we experience soul loss. Almost everyone in our modern society is suffering from this misunderstood problem.

But don’t worry, you can find and restore your soul and only then will you truly feel happy and whole again. Full of life and passion like you did as a little kid.

Join thousands of souls from all over the world that are shining bright and living their full potential! Start with my Free Soul Restoration Kit above.


Happy Clients

I had been dealing with an old hip injury for about 3 years. I was skeptical doing any body work, because I had tried everything, and nothing seemed to work! Not only did she work on breaking down old muscle memory, I walked out of her office every time feeling alive and balanced.


Nikki Greenig

Owner, 5BPilates

Thank you so much for the “rockstar” treatment you gave Colin and I. Your bodywork is incredible. Look forward to working together again somewhere down the road.


Michael “Ace” Baker

Tour Manager/ FOH, Colin Hay

I received so much empowerment from opening up to the shamanic methods. Becoming aware of my breath moved the energy blocks and increased my vitality. Tapping into my power animals uncovered the wisdom within myself. Receiving the bands of power and protection have kept me solid and centered in my self.


Elizabeth Yuengling

Retired Suffolk County Police Captain

Oh my gosh Sonia working with you was like hitting a giant reset button that launched me back on track. I no longer feel defeated. Thank you for empowering me to be able to heal myself.


Ann Hamilton Clutterbuster extraordinaire

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